Prima company has successfully passed the BRC certification

2019-11-09 08:48 admin
BRC Global standard is made by British retailer Association, British retailer group, certification body and academic group. It is accepted by many retail groups in Commonwealth countries and Europe as the mandatory audit standard for their suppliers. Through BRC audit, it can help products enter the European market. At present, most retailers in the UK and Nordic countries only accept BRC certified enterprises as their suppliers. In order to improve the competitiveness of products and expand the foreign market, bailingmai company carried out BRC certification after the decision of the company's leaders.
On September 17 and 18, 2019, SGS (SGS Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd.) was entrusted by BRC headquarters to arrange BRC professional auditors to conduct a two-day professional audit on Qingdao bailingmai Food Co., Ltd. in accordance with the provisions of global food safety standard (Eighth Edition), and finally confirmed that our company passed BRC certification successfully.
In early November 2019, the company received BRC certification certificate. This successful BRC certification is the full affirmation of the industry authority to Qingdao bailingmai Food Co., Ltd. and another stepping stone for the company to open the international market. We will take this opportunity to continue to strictly control new product development, raw material procurement, production process and product quality with high standards, ensure food safety, and bring safe, safe, nutritious and delicious noodles and ramen products to consumers all over the world.

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