QDPrima Company's 2020 Board of Directors Ended successfully

2021-06-21 15:35 admin
      On the afternoon of April 20, 2021, QDPrima's 2020 Board of Directors was held in the form of a video conference in the meeting room on the third floor. The chairman, vice chairman, directors, supervisors and related personnel attended the meeting.
      The meeting reviewed and approved General Manager Xu Dayuan’s "2020 Annual Work Report" and Deputy General Manager Chen Ruizhen’s "2020 Annual Financial Report" and "2021 First Quarter Financial Report", and reported in detail the current operations of QDPrima Company in 2020 to the board of directors. Situation report, and future development ideas.
      The board of directors believed that in 2020, QDprima faced the severe impact of the COV-19 and the complex and changeable economic environment at home and abroad. It adhered to both epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic and production and operation, seek progress while maintaining stability, and successfully completed its annual business goals. The business performance had been brilliant again. The board of directors fully affirmed the company's 2020 and current operating conditions, and expressed its gratitude to the general manager Xu Dayuan for his contribution and efforts to complete the annual operating target for all employees.
      The board of directors emphasized that the adverse effects of the COV-19 will continue, and the results achieved in 2020 will not be easy. But we must remain vigilant at all times, improve our ability to deal with risks, and make persistent efforts to continue to maintain good business performance. General Manager Xu Dayuan especially emphasized that the achievement of achievements is the result of the concerted efforts of all cadres and employees. Said that he would lead the majority of cadres and employees to join hands and work hard, take advantage of the situation, and devote themselves to the new year's work with a full spirit, and strive to realize the beautiful vision of hundred-year factory.                 
      At the meeting, the participants spoke freely, discussed the current situation, difficulties and future development direction of the company and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions.Xu Dayuan general manager and Chen Ruizhen deputy general manager one by one for a detailed answer.
      The meeting drew a successful end to the year 2020 and pointed out the new goal and direction for the year 2021.The journey is long, only struggle.Looking forward to the future, as long as we unite together and forge ahead, QDPrima Company will surely write another brilliant chapter.

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